Bristol Garden Kitchen has been delivering organic, delicious catering for private dining events 0ver the last 6 years. Our concept of using organic produce to create dishes of Eastern Mediterranean influence has been a huge hit with private diners.


The unique use of citrus and spice within each dish gives you a unique flavour experience that will leave your taste buds tingling. This concept lends itself perfectly to producing consistent healthy, nutritious and amazingly tasty dishes for a range of private dining events.  


Our wedding catering is a little bit different. Our use of organic, seasonal produce to produce memorable healthy and delicious food looks and tastes great and also doesn’t leave your guests feeling sluggish and over-indulged. This fresh, wholesome style will allow your guests to feel satisfied yet have plenty of energy for the evening entertainment. 



If you're planning a self-serviced holiday with family or a weekend of activity with friends, we can take off all your catering requirements. The BGK concept of healthy, organic, tasty food also lends itself perfectly for well-being retreats. The food we produce is naturally wholesome, which is full of energy, nutrients and flavour.



Whether you need a private chef to your home or a delicious buffet to a local venue, we can either help design a menu with you or you can leave it to us to create a menu that is fresh, flavoursome and well-balanced - all with your guests in mind. An organic, healthy ethos that is entwined within all our dishes is perfect for the occasion.  


We'd love to supply you with our amazing food for your event. Please get in touch below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.