Our exciting corporate catering has the potential to make meetings more productive and better attended. Staff will be happier knowing that well-being is being carefully thought about. We cater for boardroom & department meetings, team away days and company events.

Sample corporate menu


Lunchtime meetings are often the best time to pull people together - but what happens to imminent lunch plans? Keeping staff fully engaged for the duration of a lunchtime meeting can be tricky, especially when they are thinking about lunch. Here we can offer you a  buffet-style lunch where staff can help themselves during a meeting, or we can provide each team member with a healthy, delicious lunch box. Any members have allergies? No problem, all lunch boxes are produced for each individual, whether nut-free, vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free.



Planning an away day for your hard working team? Let us take care of your catering requirements for the day. Dependant on the activities/day structure we can offer either a sit down, buffet-style or lunch box meal. All our food is organic and ethically sourced from local suppliers, which blends maximum taste and ethical standards together to produce fresh, healthy delicious food for all. We will work with you on a menu for the day, or likewise we can produce a menu from a brief - which ever works best.



An innovative well-being scheme that is exclusive to Bristol allows businesses to provide healthy, organic, delicious lunches to employees at a highly subsidised cost at the discrepancy of the business. The company would purchase an 

amount of lunches for the office for people to buy back and pick up from the fridge. A simple, effective solution to promote healthier eating within the workplace - increasing the well-being and resilience of staff.  1 MONTH TRIALS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. 



Whether a monthly gathering, client meeting, networking event or big Christmas party, you can trust us to take care of your event. When it comes to company events you want a catering service that is reliable, trustworthy and guaranteed to deliver amazing tasting food for your guests. We can deliver this and more, producing restaurant standard food with a smile and a passion for great tasting food all with the highest organic standards of welfare.  


We'd love to supply you with our amazing food for your event. Please get in touch below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.